Clutag Five Poems Series: Deposition


Here are a series of disturbing poems written with sharp economy and profound feeling, desolate but not self-indulgent, concerning the diagnosis of a beloved person with a cancer past treatment. This little collection shows Dan Burt at his impassioned and considered best, acutely intelligent, driven, and in the last analysis, at sea, 'lee-rail buried down the years'. The poems are entitled: 'Tumour', 'Post-Op', 'Delphi', 'Totentanz', 'Coda'.
'Tumour', the first in the series is given below.


Surgeons scoured the ruin
that six weeks ago was a woman
for the source of her Nile of pain:
razed ovaries through a keyhole,
but they proved benign;
twice hoovered her guts
through a nasogastric hose,
and still they fouled;
opened the abdomen at last
and in the colon
saw the black necrotic mass
that damned her bowels.

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