Salvage at Twilight

The poet - a man of the world in the widest sense - reflects and in reflection relives the intense experiences that shaped him and that have shaped our modern world.  Salvage at Twilight ends with 'Deposition', a harrowing elegy in five parts; a beloved endures 'her Nile of pain'; the poet attends as she is treated, the last scene postponed until the two selves as quite differently refined. 

His editor has written, 'Dan Burt's poetry, like his prose, explores themes unusual in contemporary literature, using a language that is precise, nuanced and mordant.  And he risks traditional forms, his sonnets and quatrains mastered and masterful.'



We learned law was a calling
to build the new Jerusalem.
No one taught about the galleys
where this ancient craft is plied,
Up, back, down, pull,
up, back, down ... Keep your time
in six-minute segments, a shit's
a billable event. What matters
is will it work and what's the risk.
Remember, rainmakers make partner

You need not ship in law firms long
before your eyes burn reading briefs,
head throbs tracing labyrinthine codes
eighty hours a week,
and conscience daily coarsens,
swinging between the tholes
of what's allowed and client wants,
as callus by callus you sweep into the dark.

                                             Published in Salvage at Twilight