Cold Eye

Cold Eye is a collaboration between Dan Burt and the artist Paul Hodgson.

Cold Eye CoverPaul Hodgson read Dan Burt's poems shortly after Lintott Press published some of them. The artist called, and asked whether the poet would like to collaborate on a book. After discussing it, both thought the project might be worthwile.

The artist creates his composites from photographs, found images and his own paintings. Some of these images had been in the artist's possession for several years and, prompted by a poem, he felt able to explore the ideas what had first attracted him to them. He used all three sources for the images in Cold Eye, as well as old photos of the Burt family, requested when he began the work. Hodgson chose the ten poems he wished to work with and discussed them with Burt before starting. The two would meet, only once, when the artist deemed an image sufficiently well formed, to discuss that image and the poem that it would accompany.

They talked at length of how image and poem might work together in book form, and how that book might be fashioned. They agreed the order in which the images should appear. Hodgson sent digital images to Burt as he finished the pieces of work, and Burt began selecting fragments of both image and corresponding poem. Burt completed a very rough first draft and sent it to Hodgson for consideration.

Artist and poet met repeatedly in late October 2009 and, working very closely together, fashioned the book. The first draft changed substantially, the last draft was what both thought it should be.

Poetry Reading

"You turn and face me now
All Bala-Cynwood in your Peter Pan
Collar, and single strand of pearls"

L.E.Sissman, "On The Island"

Untitled VI (After Poetry Reading) by Paul HodgsonYou turn and face me now
Five feet ten in running
Shoes on the balcony
Of my London hotel
Room, model's form unsexed
By baggy running dress,
Looking incongruous
Dear ageing Irish miss
Reading poems from my
Book open at your waist.

Who would think it's what it
Is, sadly has ever
Been, equilibristic,
Not preface to darting
Tongues and coital bliss,
Merely our mutual
Excuse to lift the scrims
On other poetry
Readings at other trysts?

© All poems remain the copyright of Dan Burt and are reproduced with his permission
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