You Think It Strange (prose)

You Think It Strange Cover
Lust and rage beset his every age. His fists rose at the slightest provocation against all comers and sometimes against me. Bullies and every form of authority were his favoured targets. A local teenager who had been tormenting him when he was ten was struck from behind with a lead pipe one winter night. When he came to in hospital several hours and sixteen stitches later, he could recall only that he was passing the Borts’ house when something hit him. He gave little Joey no more trouble. [Read more ...]


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We Look Like This(poetry & prose)

We Look Like This Cover
We Look Like This
anatomizes history, violence, power, lust and mortality at work on us. Burt's formal, muscular language evokes war, want, cruelty and hope, and a childhood among 'tough Jews' in Philadelphia, dominated by his father Joe, son of Ukrainian immigrants, butcher, boxer and, last, costal fisherman. [Read more ...]

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Certain Windows(poetry & prose)

Certain Windows Cover
Certain Windows
is Dan Burt's second chapbook collection. It includes poems, sequences and the title prose, a vivid memoir evoking a harsh formative world. Among others, the poet's father comes alive here and in the poems, a powerful, hard and sympathetic figure with the wisdom of the man of action. [Read more ...]

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Cold Eye(poetry & images)

Cold Eye Cover
Cold Eye
is a collaboration between Dan Burt and the artist Paul Hodgson. Paul Hodgson read Dan Burt's poems shortly after Lintott Press published some of them. The artist called, and asked whether the poet would like to collaborate on a book. After discussing it, both thought the project might be worthwile.[Read more ...]

Searched For Text(poetry)

Searched For Text Cover
Searched for Text
is Dan Burt's first chapbook collection of poems. He challenges the traditional form of writing, finding ways of expressing themes that are intensely real and many-layered in time, culture and society. His elegies, poems of love and landscape, are uneasily sharp and political. He allows no sentimentality to blur the deep sentiment of his experiences: [Read more ...]